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The Most Advanced Pregnancy Audio Products in line are available in Market Today!

Seaward Technology Co., Ltd. and American cooperation after decades of scientific research and experimental development genius baby (Genius Baby) prenatal instrument, so that Indian babies with the baby, like elsewhere in the world to receive the best prenatal care.

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Scientific and Rational Curriculum

Design genius baby prenatal education curriculum experts based on the different stages of fetal growth characteristics of the prenatal education curriculum by the pregnancy period is divided into six stages, mothers can select the appropriate stage of the program according to the time of pregnancy.
Genius baby prenatal course covers a variety of ancient and modern musical forms, the experts will be divided into six categories of dozens of music categories.Expectant parents can look forward to the baby’s culture, easily choose prenatal courses.

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Happy Customer

- Ramya, Vijayawada

This genius baby is really doesnt harm the gives good results and also it improved the bonding between me and my child when we are playing music through genius baby.

- Sharadha, Hyderabad

During my pregnancy period doctor informed that my baby is quiet weak and suggested to take bed rest. then i used this prenatal music belt from 5th month of my pregnancy and after my childs birth i found very good child is very active and healthy.iam very happy with genius baby.

- Bhavani, Hyderabad

My child is now 1.6 year old,but he behaves like a child of 2 or 2.6 years old.he is hyper active and healthy too.this genius baby is very safe and it doesnt creat any harm to the childancy and after my childs birth i found very good child is very active and healthy.iam very happy with genius baby.

- Swapna, Bangalore

My husband is a software employee.we stays in bangalore.i went to my mothers house in my 5th month for my delivery.but my husband was very sad that he was not with us.then we recorded his voice and played through this prenatal music belt(genius baby) to my baby.during this peroid i was really happy and enjoyed the movements of my baby in my husband is also very happy with this belt for his unborn child bonding through genius baby.thanks genius baby.

- Anitha, Warangal

By profession im a dentist i heard about this prenatal music belt(genius baby) through famous actress interview in news paper and i started using this belt from my 5th month of pregnancy.i found good results. after born of my children she is healthy,calm,more active,and sleeps well,..thanks for genius baby prenatal music belt.